We were inspired like games such as Super Smah Bros for the fighting section of this game, and for the other part, we were inspired by games such as Dungeons and Dragons where you have to travel across land and fight enemies along the way. We decided to combine these two elements into a game

What it does

In this game, you choose three different characters, each with different attack patterns, to fight the other side. Your main goal is to capture all three castles of the other side, while also defeat your enemies in battle. This game requires a lot of skill and strategy

How we built it

For the map area where you move your player, each position of the map that a character to go to at any time is in a list, and the position of your three character are each stored in a separate list, and the position of the enemy's characters are also stored in a separate list. When either you or the enemy move, if the new position is in the list of all possible positions, and it will check if you are not in the position of another character. If these statement's are true, then it will check to see if your new position is in the same position as an enemy, if that is true, then a battle will start. It will also check if a character is touching a castle, changing the castle to be shown as it being conquered. When you are in battle, the system will spawn the two characters that clashed which each other on the map, start the fight. If a character gets hit but is in defense mode, it won't take damage, otherwise it will take damage. The character who looses will be deleted from the map after the battle is over. The way the CPU works in battle is if you are playing single player, it will try to run after you and if it is range it will start to shoot at you, but it is randomized so the player has a chance of beating the CPU. The way the CPU works on the map is that it will try to move one character as close as possible to the other side's castle, and will have the two other characters fight and defend the castle if the other side get's too close

Challenges we ran into

One of the big things we did in this game was add the single player option, which meant we had to have the enemy as a CPU, meaning that we had to write code for the CPU to fight the enemy. This was very difficult because we have never done this kind of thing before, and was very difficult to do since there are many difficult characters, and we had to write different code for the CPU for each different character. Another challenge was trying to transition from the map scene to the fighting scene, since the map scene would keep on running while you were fighting the enemy, making the game run slowly

What we learned and Accomplishments that we're proud of

As mention above we learned how to make a CPU character in Scratch and we were able to improve our artistic abilities

What's next for Guard The Towers

We might add different maps and maybe more characters you can choose from

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