Challenge: Government Agencies are finding it challenging to correctly & completely identify possible contact trails of patients who unfortunately test positive of COVID19 infection. Gap: This is a problem since traceability is retrospectively determined after the patients test positive and is largely dependent on the patient's ability to recollect and map it to the last few weeks. Risk: Key part of stopping COVID19 pandemic is to identify High Risk patients to avoid community transmission.

What it does

The problem we are trying to solve here is the lack of Digitized IT platform which captures data of contact trail of individuals across the nation on a daily basis. It's absolutely necessary for any government agency in such pandemic scenarios to have this visibility to identify contact trail of COVID19 patient. This will help break the infection chain to avoid community transmission. Overall we are digitizing a tedious aspect of gathering patient trail through our platform based crowd sourcing.

How we built it

Developed a platform to: 1) Mobile App. to crowd source data from individuals to capture their manual touch points in the form of meet-up and events on a daily basis. Key information like Name, Mobile,Transport, Location & gathering will be captured on a timely basis. 2) Web App. for Govt agencies to trace the contact network of  individuals who are infected with COVID-19 positive cases leveraging the above information and will also proactively identify peoples who are violating social distancing.

Challenges we ran into

1) Compatibitiy in terms of Mobile OS, & Hardware 2) Scalabiltiy of the APP - Making the application production ready

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1) Conceptualizing an idea to limit the spread of COVID19, by establishing the contact trail and Developing a prototype in less 48 hours. 2) Enabling government in data capturing and prepare them for post lockdown scenarios

What we learned

1) Even Simple form populated using crowdsourcing can enable Govts prepare well for post lockdown 2) Possible to build prototype in less than 48 hours.

What's next for Guard India - COVID 19 Tracer

Our product is currently is in Beta phase and with 1-2 weeks of effort for it production ready...

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