A Land for indigenous languages! Build indigenous languages on your Land and level up your house by clearing everyday tasks!
Form a worldwide collaboration to save endangered languages by sharing their language culture!

What it does

Our GuageLand Project is fully open source and connects to FOSSASIA technologies. It applies gamification to tackle challenges related to indigenous languages.

How we built it

We build this progressive Web App using various technologies, such as FOSSASIA Susi AI, react.js, node.js, Amazon-DynamoDB, html5, css3, javascript, NoSQL Database, PWA, and open data!

Challenges we ran into

We face a number of challenges, for example how to effectively stimulate people to share indigenous languages, how to design a creative environment to solve problems, how to improve our user experience, and how to engage relevant organizations into our Guageland community. We're very proud of our teamwork and accomplishment!

What's next for Guageland

In the future, we are going to further develop and polish our application by making it more responsive, interactive and developed. Deep Learning, Blockchain, and more cutting-edge technologies will be applied to our app!

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