Our team wanted to help both consumers and clients use cryptocurrency for business transactions. Clients may feel intimated by the demanding knowledge required to complete cryptocurrency transactions. We wanted to educate them about the decentralized market and simultaneously drive businesses in a streamlined fashion. We also wanted to give consumers more purchasing power on a global scale. Cryptocurrency is easily obtainable in many countries where bank account adoption is low and/or inflation is high. Thus, the amalgamation of these desires resulted in a beautiful platform that will allow consumers to pay in cryptocurrency and clients to be paid in the desired currency.


Our platform was quite backend-intensive. We used HTML, CSS, and Javascript for the front-end, a Node.js backend, and a Postgresql database. Along with that, we had to use various tools to work with Ethereum, including Ethereum's web3 protocol for commuting with the Ethereum blockchain within the webapp, Solidity for creating an ERC721 token that serves as the proof of business creation on our platform, and Truffle for configuring the Solidity code and running a test-net for Ethereum within Ganache-CLI.


The main challenge that our team faced was ensuring that the payment being made is the correct amount. For those who do not know about cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency functions differently from standard monetary transactions because active requesting and accepting payments are needed.


Hopefully, e-commerce businesses can adopt this platform. Our vision is to help both well-established clients and new clients, especially those in economically-challenged areas who have wonderful ideas but difficult hurdles to face, accept cryptocurrency payments.

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