Betting is the most restricted business in the world and blockchains solve that issue with decentralization and anonymous wallets, just pick any team in any event, anywhere, anytime, without restrictions, invasive KYC or tedious registration, and play without limits!

What it does

GU3SS allows you to bet on any sport like Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, etc and will allow in the future any person to open their own pools for sports or events in their localities making it a truly decentralized and uncensorable betting platform

How we built it

We used NodeJS on the server, PostgreSQL as database for blockchain replication and HTML, JS, CSS on the client UI. TronWeb and Tronlink are required to interact with the smart contracts, place bets and cashout winnings

Challenges we ran into

Gas prices are somewhat high in TRON so we had to learn to stake in order to use energy and bandwith to get free transactions, once we overcame that hurdle everything was smooth sailing into the horizon

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The simplicity of the app allows anybody with TronLink installed to bet on any sport on earth without restrictions

What we learned

TronWeb is definitely a great way to communicate with smart contracts, a new addition to our crypto toolbox.

What's next for GU3SS - Bet on all sports

In version 2.0 we will allow anybody to create their own pools for betting on any imaginable event or competition, stay tuned!

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