• We want to see GT win more games ## What it does
  • Accumulates data from social media outlets. Then uses data as input for a machine learning algorithm to compose a profile of candidates. These profiles can be search from the main page or filtered on different parameters. ## How we built it
  • We started with developing the back-end to hand all the API and search request. This information is store in a database that will then populate the a simple easy to navigate front end. ## Challenges we ran into
  • Privacy
  • API limits
  • Group functionally
  • Time ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  • Overall grind of the group
  • Passion for learning of my members
  • The development of a wonderful idea into what it is now ## What we learned
  • IMB's Watson
  • Group functionality
  • Node.js
  • Python scraping
  • Project management ## What's next for gtri ### The future is very bright. We have a ton of ideas to still implement into the project to make it the best tool for recruiting.
  • We want to work with coaches to find the most important values and qualities they need in a players ### It is important to have an application that is very informative and gives the coaches what they want as far as data
  • We want to compose a few different front-end models that we can beta to see which once gives the best information
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