We started by identifying the exciting part of the provided API - the real time bus tracker. Knowing where the buses are is great but it needed a layer that will make it useful to users at a touch of a button. So the idea of alerts was born.

Instead of having to go online, search for bus times, guesstimating when the bus will be at your stop and how long it will take you to walk there, we are creating a mobile app that tells you when you need to leave your location (GTFO!) in time to catch the next bus.

The app will calculate walking time from your location to the nearest bus stop (using Google directions API), at the same time as checking when your preferred bus (pre-set in the app or chosen at time of use) will be there, based on its current location and approximate time it will take to reach your stop.

The app will then alert you when you need to start walking.

This is just a description of the base app which could be enhanced with features like custom multiple alerts, bus schedules and maps, bus stop selection, custom time allocations if the user lives in an apartment building and needs extra minutes to get to the road where Google starts calculating from etc.

This is aimed at everyone that catches the bus but has a hard time of staying focused on what time they have to leave to make it in time!

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