Our Inspiration The three of us are all enthusiastic rock climbers, and we love trying new routes. However, setting new routes is difficult and requires a "route setter" to plan the route and manually remove and replace all the holds, which takes a lot of time and effort. We were inspired by a rock climbing game we found that generates routes that are projected onto the wall, allowing climbers to try new routes without the limitation of manual route setting.

Our Product The first thing we did was revamp our schools current website to make it more navigable and aesthetically pleasing. Then we started doing research on some classic climbing challenges and coded virtual versions of them, with varying levels of difficulty. We also added a timer so that climbers can measure their progress, and an account feature to store users' best times and completed challenges.

Technical We set up a new website at the domain link, and used HTML and CSS to revamp the website. We used the Google API to set up an account system, and javascript to write the games.

Challenges We Faced & What We Learned Learning how to use the Google API was a fun challenge, as none of us had much experience adapting APIs. We also had to learn javascript, since only one of us had previously known it.

We had a hard time trying to adapt open source code that we found. The code was in Python, and we were writing in javascript. We ended up using the ideas from the code we found but rewriting them in javascript, which saved us some time and ended up working really well.

Our Accomplishments Our finished product creates a much better experience for climbers. We've replaced the old website, which was just a boring web page, and created a website that hosts an online community around climbing, potentially allowing users to share their scores and compete through our website.

Our Plans for GT Climb The next step for our project is testing and implementation. When we go back to Georgia Tech, we'll use a projector to set up our game and display it on the rock wall, and then allow climbers to use our games. We'll use their feedback to improve our game designs and fitness challenges.

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