We were amazed by the passionate team of GedankenTanken and how they aspire to change people's lives for the better, through life coaching courses, articles, videos, talks, and their wide variety of products. We were excited to be part of their journey and help them reach higher limits. We wanted to make a difference just like them, and that's when we put our minds into a 24-hour working mode!

What it does

Users are welcomed with an AI-Powered Chatbot (Taky), who they can have a completely natural conversation with, and it would record all the challenges they face and struggle within their daily personal lives, as well as personal goals! Taky can also check-up on its fellow users, ask them about their accomplishments so far, what they are doing today, and their future plans! Taky prepares a personalized feed, unique for each user, filled with a wide variety of GedankenTanken's life-changing content! It also helps users set daily and monthly goal plans, accompanied by a motivating reward system through gamification! Users can also track their performance through automatically generated graphs that populate its data from the user's behaviour and durations on the app! Finally, the whole platform is supported by a Feedback system for users, in order to monitor what they prefer, to provide more targeted content! A ticketing system is also implemented in order to notify content creators with missing topics that users demand for!

How we built it

It was built over Google's DialogFlow API, which uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning for a smart friendly bot! Electron is used as the skeleton. We are using serverless means for hosting, using Firestore as our backend and data storage! For Frontend, we used Twitter's Bootstrap framework for responsivity!

Challenges we ran into

We struggled at the beginning with finding an idea to work on, and after we did, we had decided to build an app using Google's Flutter Android Framework, but we ran into unexpected trouble and difficulties, which made us turn to building a web app, which apparently ended up being much more suitable and reliable than a mobile app!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did a lot in such a short time, and with very limited recourses and experience.

What we learned

We learned lots of new technology stacks, and we got to meet a lot of nice people!

What's next for GTBuddy

Take it further and hopefully help the GedankenTanken team use it!

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