We wondered what'd win - a broken Audi A4 with no brake pads that mysteriously emitted blue smoke, or a Ford Focus with a distressing tendancy to swerve left with no warning. Then we found out. It was the Audi, by the way.

What it does

Grabs MOT data from the government. Finds common causes of MOT failure. Estimates how that would affect numerical handling data in GTA: San Andreas. Uploads to a heavily modified server. Races.

How we built it

Server's handled by Lua scripting. Python scripts sift through the data. Map data was heroically done by hand because the guy who was supposed to do it fell asleep.

Challenges we ran into

WiFi kept failing on us. Time restraints. WiFi. Server crashed depending on a number of factors, possibly including the current phase of the moon, and how much we needed it to work. WiFi.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

No single member knew every language used. Teamwork makes the dream work.

What we learned

Lots of Lua scripts. Python. Patience is a key virtue.

What's next for GTA: Barely (road)Legal

More maps. More interesting points of failure.

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