We wanted to provide an incredible and consistent experience for all GT athletics sporting events that the fans deserve.

What it does

It provides a one stop spot that fans can use to get all the information/stats/engagement they could ever need or want about GT Athletics.


  • Gameday feed- a news feed that contains highlight videos, injury reports, polls, and other articles for the fans.
  • Maps- the app will help fans find their seats and any concessions stands that they're interested in around the stadium.
  • Stats- we display the latest, up-to-date stats about any GT sporting event that a fan is interested in following.
  • Shopping- we allow fans to order food; they get to choose to have it delivered to their seat or picked up from the concessions stand. We also provide an interface for fans to shop for GT swag.
  • Fan center- a place for fans to play event-wide games during timeouts or half time.
  • Fan rewards- rewards fans with free swag and discounts on concessions if they show up to the beginning of the event and stay the whole time.

What's next for GT Gameday

Currently the app only supports basketball and football and we would like to expand it to all of the sports that Georgia Tech has to offer so that every fan has an incredible and consistent experience when interacting with GT athletics.

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