GSU shuttles are poorly allocated, with long wait times, overcrowded buses, and frustrated students. There is currently no system for the university to collect data from students. We decided to build an app that creates an exchange of information between users, the university, and advertisers to make the shuttle system more efficient.

What it does

This app incentives students to self report location and usage data by giving them coins that can be exchanged for discounts at local businesses. The students can check in, giving GSU their location and time data, and then answer 2 quality control questions and 1 advertiser question once the bus begins to move, triggered by the accelerometer in your phone reaching over 15 mph. Buses can be reallocated to different routes in real time in reaction to student check ins and wait times. There is also an admin dashboard of visual representation of data.

How we built it

We used react native for writing the application which allows for cross platform development so our application works for both android and ios devices. We ran our testing through expo, which allowed for real time, on mobile testing. We also created an instance in the Google Cloud platform, and installed Kibana, Nifi, and Elasticsearch, which allowed us to generate data, write it to a database, and display it.

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