This app idea was inspired by lack of knowledge of opening and closing parking spaces. We had trouble finding parking and getting late to class. Especially on test days. Report open/closed parking and get rewards.

GSU athletics has a problem thought we though we can incorporate. Getting rewarded to come to football games or any athletic games in general. Show up get points and get rewarded for various prizes. Show your school spirt with Snapchats API and we integrated.

Rewards also for showing school spirit on Social Media platforms. We want the nation to know GSU is the TOP college/university.

What it does:

It’s a simple app that shows open parking spaces. It specially shows the open parking space number. You go there and park. You can also submit an open or closed parking space and get points for it. Shows closed GSU lots/decks.

You can also signup to get a football ticket through the app and see the football schedule. You can also get points for showing up to the game.

When you have enough points redeem for gifts through the app.

Share your spirit through the app straight to Snapchat.

How we built it:

We built using Xcode IDE in Swift language. We use pods to install Firebase and Snapchat's to use there API and database. We also used to register our app since we want to use the back-end part to send Snaps through them. We also used WebKit to show a schedule from online to your app and book GSU football tickets. We used Google for images!

Challenges we ran into:

Time was our biggest challenge. More time the better the MVP could be. I wish we could of implemented all of the features, but time restrictions. Another challenge was not having Macbooks and Github knowledge to all of us code. iPhone apps can only be made on Macs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We are proud that are team worked so hard and short of time we accomplished a lot. We were impressed with what we turned our problem/inspiration into. We are glad with what we can do and accomplish. We hope we keep getting to learn more and more.

I am glad that our app works with limited functionality but looks nice with lack of a professional graphic designer.

What we learned:

We learned Snapchats API, graphic designing, better googling skills, forward thinking, auto-layout and so much more. I have never heard of and SnapKit so I am glad I got familiar with that. It was amazing the knowledge we consumed in this amount of time.

What's next for GSU All In One:

Hopefully we win or get selected and get to improve on the app. It would be awesome one day if students can actually use our app. This could be an amazing accomplishment not only for us but for GSU. I believe that this app and make huge changes and efficiently. We want people to be on time to class and show school spirt by coming to games and social media and be rewarded at the same time.

I could see this app potentially going viral for students and faculty!

Unfortunately only way to run this app is through Xcode(on a mac) we would love to show you a demo!

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