We integrated Unstoppable Domains Login, IPFS

Gsoul - is a soul-bound token-issuing platform for user verification and social validation.

What problem is being solved?

Personality Verification in Web3 space. There is an Informational war between Russia and Ukraine and the enemy uses fake accounts and digital personalities to spread disinformation. There is no framework or any tool personality for web3 digital identity verification that can be connected to multiple platforms/services and serve as a universal digital personality onchain database with a rating

Why does this problem need to be solved?

There are a lot of external intruders that may try to take advantage of the lack of trust between people in a decentralized society. More decentralized social media platforms uprising.

Who is affected by this problem and why would they use your solution?

  1. Content Consumers are affected by disinformation and would like to have a verified person that would be their source of information and a tool to motivate or punish their actions

  2. Experts who provide high-quality service are often recognized less than people who sell air. Karma points

  3. Clients that need to order any service from an expert/ professional and are worried about the quality of their service will be able to verify that the person behind the project is real

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