Taking a ride to a certain place sometimes gives you the irreasonable price. Although the destinations could be only one block difference in distance, the price could vary differently. In such situation, it would be better for people to find somewhere near the destination but lower in price. We came up with the idea of making an app which could find the cheapest places near customer's intended destination.

What it does

Find cheaper places to go to and avoid surge areas with Lyft. Given a time threshold which is the maximum time the customer would like to trade off to walk to the destination from where he get off, find the optimal place to get off which saves both the money and the time.

How we built it

For the backend we basically used java and Google maps web services API to get the time we need to get to one place to another. Compare it with the price given by the Lyft to decide what's the best location.

What's next for Gryft

The next step is to make it more intelligent by giving suggestions to the customer according to the place they would like to go. For instance, if the customer wanted to go to a bar which is expensive, Gryft would note the customer the bar is expensive and find a bar nearby which is cheaper. These intelligent feedback would give user better experience using the app.

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