Many times, bar-owners have no idea what is going on inside their own bar. With multiple rooms and multiple floors, it is hard to keep track of all of the patrons.


Introducing Grüve, the distributed data platform that helps owners collect analytical data and even help customers find the best bar depending on their preferred mood.

Data is collected through the Weissberger Analytical Hub (temperature, volume, brightness, foot-count, etc) and Raspberry Pi 2 (video stream). The sensory and video information are processed in real-time to calculate and determine certain qualities of the environment for the end-user, such as mood and motion, depending on the collected data.

Everything is then streamed through our Firebase where it can be pulled from our beautiful Android App (for patrons) and to our dynamic administrative dashboard webpage (for the bar-owner).


Why is this useful? Because our platform can be placed around the environment, we can then create heat maps of the most popular location of the bar to increase service in those areas, calculate vital statistical data about the general atmosphere and mood for the bar and determine the most popular activities within the bar, such as dancing or just sitting down. This way, the consumer can decide which kind of bar they want to visit depending if they want to party hard-core, or just simply chill.

The Team

Anselmo Shim, Derek Chen, Akshay Shetty, Xichen Shi

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