Uber seemed to have made a significant breakthrough in developing the nascent sharing economy into a viable industry of modern capitalist markets. Yet one only needs to inspect the treatment of Uber drivers to understand they are merely "treated a little better than slaves.".

This is clearly not how the sharing economy should be - subjugated and potentially monopolized by a single corporate entity. Hence we have sought a solution, and fortunately, found a promising one; combining Ethereum with ride-sharing. Ethereum, the decentralized platform for running application, makes use of the blockchain to decentralize the economy of sharing rides yet still providing a similar regulation and control that a centralized authority provides.

How we built it

Tech stack:

  • Flask (for web-client server)
  • Node.js (for Ethereum server)

What we learned

By virtue of being young, Ethereum has a lot of potential to influence our lives in the coming years.

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