Who are we and who do we target? Like all students, we actively seek opportunities in which we can save money. Finding free food around campus happens to be one of them, and we set out to creating a method of identifying free food locations without any user having to do anything at all.

What inspired us? By utilizing Twitter's search APIs, we are able to process tweets by geographical location and analyze their context. This allows our web service to identify patterns in how Twitter users share events with their followers, and then share these events with our users. We were inspired by countless other apps and services that have tried to create an aggregated source for free food events but have failed purely because too much was being asked of the user.

Our key features? The traditional Twitter web or mobile interface does not show the exact location of where someone submitted a tweet. Because of this, it's hard to tell where a friend may be when they tweet about the free food they are currently eating. Grubber taps into the Twitter API's exact location data and shows it on a map.

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