The gRPC website and documentation

This repository houses the assets used to build and deploy the gRPC website, available at The site is built using the Hugo static site generator. Check out the Hugo quick start for a quick intro.


Serving the site locally

First install NPM packages:

$ npm install

To build and locally serve this site, you can use any one of the following commands:

  • Build and serve using Hugo, via make:
  $ make serve
  • Build and serve using Netlify dev, which allows you to exercise features such as site redirects:
  $ npx netlify dev

Publishing the site

The gRPC website is automatically published by Netlify. Any time changes are committed to the default branch, the site is rebuilt and redeployed.

Site content

All of the Markdown content used to build the site's documentation, blog, etc. is in the content directory.

Checking links

You can check the site's internal links by running this command:

$ make check-internal-links

This deletes the generated public directory, builds the "production" version of the site, and verifies that internal links are valid. Please note that internal links prefixed with /grpc do not work in your local environment (there are redirects applied by Netlify). Any errors returned from /grpc links are false negatives that you can ignore.

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