The inspiration for Growtopia came as all members of the team are passionate about gardening and wanted to create a resource that would make it easier for others to get started and contribute to the environment in a positive way. We saw a need for a comprehensive, user-friendly app that could provide all of the information that gardeners need in one place, where anyone, no matter their level of experience, could learn about different plants and their care requirements. We also wanted to create a community where gardeners could share their knowledge and experiences with one another. As we worked on the app, we were inspired by the joy and satisfaction that gardening brings. We knew that they were creating something special that would help others discover the same sense of accomplishment and connection to nature that we had found through gardening. And so, Growtopia was born. We hope it becomes a thriving community of gardening enthusiasts who are dedicated to helping one another grow and thrive, both figuratively and literally.

What it does

Growtopia is an app that helps with gardening by providing a comprehensive resource for all of your gardening needs. It offers a wealth of information about various plants, including their care requirements and potential problems. The app also offers tips and tricks for gardening success, as well as a community forum where you can connect with other gardening enthusiasts.

One of the key features of Growtopia is its plant database, which allows users to search for specific plants and learn about their unique care needs. The app provides detailed information on things like watering, sunlight, and soil requirements, as well as potential issues to watch out for. This makes it easy for gardeners to ensure that their plants are receiving the proper care and attention they need to thrive.

In addition to its plant database, Growtopia also offers a variety of helpful resources for gardeners. These include articles on topics such as composting, pest control, and garden design, as well as interactive tools like a plant care tasks page. These resources are designed to help gardeners of all levels improve their skills and knowledge, and to encourage them to continue learning and growing as gardeners.

One of the most valuable aspects of Growtopia is its "competitive aspect", which brings together gardeners from all over the world and ranks them by the "Carbon Points" they accumulated in the process of gardening.

Overall, Growtopia is an invaluable resource for gardeners of all levels. With its plant database, helpful resources, and supportive community, it's the perfect place to grow your gardening knowledge and skills.

How we built it

The first part was the research. We spent at least 3 hours discussing what would be included in the app and how the journey of the user would be. After that, our UX designer went to Figma to elaborate on the screens and components we would use to develop the web app. From the development perspective, we agree on using JavaScript and React as our main tools to build the MVP. We focused on the front-end to create the Growtopia experience.

Challenges we ran into

As we didn't have a public and free API with plant information, we had to figure it out how to build an MVP with only some data, to provide an example of what the app could be. Building a database takes time and resources, something that is not attainable in a 24-hour hackathon. This continues to be a challenge in the future, but we hope to solve it. Another challenge was to build the app in React Native, which we haven't used in the past, so we decided to keep building the MVP with React and after the hackathon, we will make it happen to build the actual app. Also, creating a database with AWS Amplify was difficult to make it work only in 24 hours, as we are still new to that technology (but at least we tried!).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The teamwork. Being able to communicate and work seamlessly with all team members in a positive and uplifting manner. Also, the learning and experimenting with different features we wanted to include, but being able to stay pragmatic to deliver the best result possible.

What we learned

The learning experience for these 24 hours was incredible. From managing our time and distributing tasks according to our expertise, to being able to research and create a product that is up and running. Adding more skills to our coding abilities, experimenting with Figma, React and AWS.

What's next for Growtopia

The app will continue to evolve and expand. Some potential areas for growth and development could include:

-Expanding the plant database: As new plants are introduced and old ones become more popular, Growtopia will continue to add more information to its plant database in order to keep up with demand, while we would also look for API plant databases that could partner with us.

-Adding new features and tools: Growtopia could potentially introduce new features or tools that make it easier for users to manage their gardens and care for their plants. For example, the app could offer a plant tracking feature that allows users to keep track of their plants' growth over time, or a plant care calendar that sends reminders when it's time to water or fertilize. For that, we can use Twillio as a tool.

-Increasing community involvement: The app will continue to focus on building and strengthening this community in the future. This could include adding new features, like a AI tool to identify plants in the local neighborhoods.

-Growing internationally: Growtopia may also look to expand its user base by targeting new markets outside of its current user base. This could involve translating the app into different languages or adapting its content to appeal to a wider range of gardeners.

Ultimately, the future of Growtopia is to continue to evolve and grow in order to meet the changing needs of its users and stay relevant in an increasingly competitive market.

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