Growth Plot

In a nutshell...

Growth Plot allows parents and doctor's to track and share information their kids’ growth and plot it on a growth chart containing standardized World Health Organization curves.

How it works:

Doctors use growth charts to see how kids are growing compared to other kids of the same age and gender. This allows them to see patterns in development and verify whether kids are developing proportionally.

Growth plot, an innovative application, allows parents to record their child’s measurements and plot it against standard World Health Organization growth curves.

What we measure:

  • For children aged 0-2 years: Length, weight, head circumference
  • For children aged 2-18 years: weight and height (BMI is automatically calculated)

Parents can view their child’s measurement data in a tabular format or plotted on a graph. They can then compare these measurements to standardized World Health Organization percentiles, which shows a range of measurements.

Technology used:

This project uses Python's Django web framework on top of a PostgreSQL database. Ensure that you have Python and Postgres installed on your computer. You should be able to get all OS specific installation instructions for Python and Postgres by visiting the relevant websites.

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