Machines don't cheat - They work honestly The use of CPS in mass production of products and services creates added value, but only when this CPS is independent from producer.

What it does

  • The user utilizes the dApp to choose the sensor networks to get the data from
  • On this stage, the user can check the reputation of sensor network based on previously executed smart contracts. This allows us to create a reputation system that protects the market from bad actors.
  • The user sends a transaction to the sensor network via Ethereum smart contract.
  • The sensor network receives an event about the user demand and performs data gathering, publishes it to IPFS and sends the hash of the file as a result into the smart contract.

How we built it

Our tech stack includes Ethereum, IPFS, Robot Operating System and Robonomics network.

Challenges we ran into

We ran for the Grand Challenge with Grow NYC

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We answered the 3 questions that will allow GrowNYC to increase the added value of their products with sensors network and blockchain technology. How is added value created? You cannot just buy and implement sensors. Because the same way auditors are unbiased and verify organizations’ business processes, a sensor network should be injected as unbiased participants to verify production processes. Doing that increases value as it improves trackability. Which part of the supply chain cares the most about the quality? We can’t know that. In different times and scenarios, they can be different. We offer technology that allows any participant of food supply chain (not only producer but final consumer, warehouse and retailer) to directly create a contract with sensor network for data collection. Who will own those sensor networks? We advocate the most futuristic idea - they act as independent economic agents that own themselves. And that is why we need blockchain technology. Because today we have money for robots (cryptocurrencies), contracts for robots (Ethereum smart contracts) and we can integrate them directly into the human economy. The fact that we can use Ethereum blockchain to combine technical and economical parameters into one transaction allows us to create autonomous CPS. They can not only work with clients directly but also order their maintenance themselves on the market.

What we learned

We learned to use sensor networks to keep the data truly immutable right from production stage of supply chain.

What's next for GrowNYC CPSs sensors data market

We are going to look for pilot projects in this area. We, as engineers, are excited to apply our project to practice with relevant companies.

Built With

  • ethereum
  • ipfs
  • robonomics
  • ros
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