We were inspired by all of the current wild fires right now, and wanted a way to connect people and raise money for charities. Just by playing the game, you will be raising money for multiple environmental charities.

What it does

In Grownate, you are able to plant virtual trees in AR, and see the name of whoever planted it. To get more seeds to plant, you can either donate money or watch an ad. For players that don't want to spend real money, by just playing and watching ads, they will still be helping.

How we built it

Grownate was built in Unity using Google's AR-Core. We utilized firebase in order to store players geo location and name. We had three people programming, one person for art/music, and another for general design.

Challenges we ran into

This was all of our first time building an AR application. Collectively we have a little experience in Unity but only with 2d, so this was a great challenge. We had a hard time at first getting plane detection for AR, and then actually interacting with the 3d objects we created. Getting use to firebase is also quite a challenge, and we had to learn how to integrate it within Unity.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Definitely the fact we built an AR mobile application. We are all used to simple 2d game design, so this was definitely out of our comfort zone. However, we are incredibly proud of the results and are excited to continue the project.

What we learned

Anything relating to AR, 3d game development, and Android development was new to us. So basically everything. Additionally, we've never had to utilize a platform like firebase before, so we were excited to take on that challenge as part of our project. We also learned more about UI within Unity, and explored a lot of amazing capabilities within the game engine.

What's next for Grownate

We would like to expand our project much more. In the future, we would love to add more interactivity with the trees you plant. We would like to do more with the information we acquire from the app such as location, letting players connect with others around the world. Lastly, we would want to automate donations, so if any in app donations come through, they will be donated immediately to a specific charity.

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