It's hard for me to be focus to working on one task, I believe that Pomodoro Tehcnique is the solution to solve that issue, and to keep my motivation. I need a gamification in the system that make me enthusiast to focus in one task, so I think contribute for combating climate change such as reforestation will be a good gamification, it's like when you Grow your focus at the same time you Grow the Earth, that's how Growly was created.

What it does

Growly is a monday app that design to help you focus on task you're working on that inspired by Pomodoro Technique with customization to make you aware and contribute for combating climate change.

Features :

  1. Pomodoro Timer a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo with purpose as an interval of work time.
  2. Plant Real Tree (Reforestation) Every work session you will get pears (points) depends how long it is, that can convert to a real tree with certificate.
  3. Climate Change Data & Quotes Get real time Climate Change data such as CO2 and keep motivate to combating Climate Change by the Quotes.
  4. Report Get your work of done statistic in month period, see your progress day to day and improve it.

How we built it

I built by use reactjs, monday sdk, monday ui, monday monetization, appwrite, Tree-nation API (reforestation) and API (CO2 stats)

Challenges we ran into

it's my first time to create monday app but the documentation is too easy to read and follow for beginner like me.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

when succesfully redeem the pears (point in Growly) to plant real tree and got the certificate with my name

What we learned

monday app, combate climate change.

What's next for Growly

more features, more tree to plant

Built With

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