The struggle that young women have starting a career in STEM. They hear what the world and media tell them they can or should be, but they need to know the stories and what women in STEM both past and present have to say about it.

What it does

We have a website that has information about women in STEM in the past and present We have a Thunkable trivia app that tests you on your knowledge of women in STEM We have a Scratch game that allows gives you information and tests your knowledge of women in STEM

How I built it

We build the website in html5 using the Bootstrap library. We build the trivia game in Thunkable Live and the knowledge/trivia game in Scratch.

Challenges I ran into

Several times we changes when our projects could not be saved because of slow internet

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to complete our project despite the slow internet issues

What I learned

How to work together as a team to solve problems and to keep our cool in a stressful situation

What's next for GrowinglittleSTEMs

We hope to keep encouraging young women in STEM that they are powerful and they can be all the dream

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