To create a place to give and accept donations for a beautiful community garden


We talked with Growing Gardens. We know coordinating doners with community needs is pain point for them. The back and forth with the emails and text notifications to connect a tool to a garden is time lost. Growing Gardens wants to cut themselves out of the picture. The desire is to get that time back to do what they love -like answering that phone call to about what the white powder is on the squash! They can also start measuring and optimizing this flow when transferred to this application. This app is a step in the right direction to enable Growing Gardens to scale and continue their great work!

User Stories

Jaime is a 15 year gardening veteran, looking to downsize her garden. She has a lot of supplies that she has collected over the years. She is ready to part with them, including her 50 blueberry bushes. She heard from a friend that Growing Gardens would be a great organization to give the items to.

Emily is a community organizer with Growing Gardens. She is thoroughly frustrated with tracking emails, tracking donations, tools and supplies from their many donors.


What else we would add

  • Full Spanish And other language translation by click of button! More than just Google Translate.
  • Features to Accept Donations
  • Location tagging to connect donors and community organizers


Dianne Jarvis-Lumsden

Styling, Design, Wireframing, Concept, Requirements Gathering, Development (front-end, CSS)

Erin Bankse

Product Manager, Wireframing, Requirements Gathering

Junibel De La Cruz

Styling, Design, Wireframing, Concept, Requirements Gathering, Translation

Abbie Glunn

Concept, Requirements Gathering, Development (routing, forms and other front end), Architecture

David Merrick

Concept, Requirements Gathering, Development (front-end, CSS, translation), Architecture

Tab Memmott

Team Lead, Little bit of everything as the team needed it!

Built With

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