Athenahacks 2019 project!

GrowGirl aims to inform users of the ative plants in their state, allowing them to grow more sustainable and environmentally beneficial gardens. GrowGirl plans to continue to develop and allow users to find the location of their local audubon society so that they can learn more about the benefits of native plants, and connect with others to create the most successful garden that they can at home!

Project Setup:

  1. Visit and select Java SDK. Download and install the appropriate version for your computer.

  2. Visit and install Adroid studio. Remeber where your SDK from part one is stored.

  3. Install the nevessary SDKs for each API of Android you want to use, and install the additional tools that will be helpful serves as a guide of how to do this.

  4. Configure AVDS (Android Virtual Devices). AVDs are emulated phones and tablets that you can test your application on. For this project we used Pixel 2 on API 27

  5. Enable hardware acceleration: After you have downloaded and installed all the SDKs and tools, you will need to install the Intel Hardware Acceleration Execution Manager (HAXM). The installer is within the SDK folder from Part 1 above and is located in the following folder:


  1. Once you have Android Studio up and running import GrowGirl and learn about the native plants in your state, and let your garden grow!

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