This AR effect is inspired by the popular toy from Japan, Tamagotchi, where one can nurture and grow their own pets in a digital device. Instead of growing a pet, our team decided to allow everyone to experience growing flowers easily as growing one in real life is hard. We hope that this filter can get more people to reconnect with nature and even encourage themselves to grow a real flower in real life.

What it does

This effect allows the user to place up to 3 flower pots on a flat surface, growing up to 3 different types of flower at one time. The first time the effect is used, only 1 pot will be seen and 1 type of flower will grow randomly to full once the user taps the pot and animation of rain finished watering the pot. The 2nd time the effect is open, the user will see 2 pots and be able to grow 2 different types of flowers. A 3rd pot will appear 3rd time the effect is used and the user will be able to grow 3 different types of flower. The flowers will be selected randomly among 5 different types of flower, each with 4 different colours of combination. Altogether, there are 20 different flowers that the user can grow. On each use, events such as rainbow & butterflies appearing will occur randomly to provide surprises and encourage repeated use. UI buttons are also available for the users to choose their own texture for the flower pots.

How we built it

The project is divided into 3 parts among the team. Eri modelled all the 3D flowers, pots and prepared all the texture assets (including visual design) needed for the project with blender. Boon imported in all the assets, create lighting shaders of the flowers with patch editor and organises them in blocks for easy importing. Finally, Pofu compiled all the blocks and program all the logic of the effect in Javascript, including using the persistence module to check how many times the effect has been used by a user.

Challenges we ran into

1) Working together remotely

The team consist of Eri from Japan, Pofu from Taiwan and Boon from Singapore. Hence, it is challenging to find a common time to meet & discuss on top of our day job. Thanks to the internet, this challenge is manageable though.

2) Compiling the projects using blocks

Blocks are heavily used in this project for Boon to prepare the shaders of the 3D assets before passing it on for Pofu to finalise the project with scripting. However, we encounter several errors when Pofu tried to import the blocks that Boon has created into his project file. In the end, Pofu had to redo his part using Boon's project file because the blocks can't be imported into a different project file for some reason.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud that all 3 of us managed to connect and collaborate together even though we are based in 3 different countries. Even more so, we are proud to have completed and submitted the project as a team.

What we learned

We learned how to collaborate with creators of different skills and combine our forces to create an AR effect.

What's next for Grow your flower

More random events can be added

Built With

  • sparkar
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