Welcome to “Grow with Facebook” Learning platform.

Grow with Facebook is an excellent e-learning platform which made easy for developers to learn Facebook technologies.

Due to the dynamic landscape of the e-learning industry, and the numerous tech skills to learn change is needed, constant innovation is the key to long-term success in this area of the field. There are many people who want to learn the emerging technologies as Facebook Developer Circles: Harare, we have identified the inherent gap in the learning process and have developed a unique Online learning solution for addressing the present-day challenges faced by developers and familiarizing developers with Facebook technologies. In an effort to avoid repetition and curb redundancy levels in teaching methods, new diverse modules for teaching have been integrated and a challenge after every step.

The online learning platform is geared for both beginners with zero knowledge to give them the necessary baby steps to manoeuvre through technical and other language barriers. And to advanced to enhance the technical mastery.

So let’s get started with Grow with Facebook. On the left sidebar a heading with challenges. If you choose any tracks of Facebook technologies, you will have a list of weekly challenges. If you click on any challenge, it shows the full content of that weekly challenge. In future, there will be a forum for developers to post and ask questions.

On this project we have learnt new programming languages such as react typescript and javascript too

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