Grow Together. Everyone deserve a better life

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Team members:

Egor Vinogradov, Yumi Kimura, Ho Yeung Lai, Kenneth Ng, Vishv Brahmbhatt, Hemil Parmar


Everyone deserve better life. We believe refugees will success in life if they get proper guidances. We as society can grow together and help create a peaceful world around us. So we have develop a platform to help refugees to seek help through mentorship.

What it does

Our platform will help aspiring refugees seeking for better future. We have developed a platform which will match a pool of mentors based on the profile of the refugees and area of interest. It also provide the following features

  1. System will allow user to find other refugees who are seeking the similar help nearby. They can connect each other form the support group to grow together
  2. User can rate the mentor multiple times, our algorithm will be able to pass the right feedback to the mentor to improve their support along the way
  3. Live chat on our system will provide smooth communication between mentors and users

How we built it

We have used open source technologies to build a platform.

Challenges we ran into

To understand the actual situation and the need of the refugees and coming the appropriate solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a built platform which will be used by people dire need of help.Through our platform we encourage society to step up further and collaborate for the better of the young generation. Our feedback feature encourages the mentors to be better in their efforts and provide a data-driven insights about how the mentor-mentees relationship is progressing.

What we learned

We learned that society has a lot of empathy for needy people. Provided with a proper medium to give back who are in need in a positive and friendly environment, a lot of needful lives can flourish under hostile situation.

What's next for Grow Together

  1. We will improve the matching algorithm
  2. More language support
  3. Collaboration with local NGO channels to provide help in this platform
  4. Build open forums where everyone can be help each other

Built With

Our technical stack comprises of following:

  1. Node.js- We have created a scalable backend services.
  2. - To build a chat platform between refugees and mentors.
  3. Bootstrap - To design the responsive web application.
  4. MongoDB - To manage database for high traffic
  5. Heroku - We have deployed the Node.js application and services on heroku cloud.
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