There's no doubt that planting trees is both good for the planet as a whole and beneficial for the surrounding area and the people that live nearby. The only problem is that planting trees is a difficult task, and the benefits often take years or even decades to become apparent. So what we came up with is a way to incentivize the planting of trees so that it benefits all parties involved in a much more immediate way. We call our platform Grow More.

What it does

By automating other processes, such as finding a proper place to plant a tree or obtaining the funds necessary to do so, the platform makes the work of motivated environmentalists easier, letting them focus on the core aspect of planting trees to help the environment. Users of Grow More can search for places to plant trees in their neighbourhood, which includes crowdsourced results from other users. It also allows people to add spots with substantial vegetation for vibing (who wouldn't want that??). Grow More also helps people contribute toward a cleaner environment by encouraging them to support people who want to physically plant trees but can't afford to do so, by making small contributions through the platform. You get rewards for growing trees and being an eco-friendly person. We are also an Investment/Donation platform: The more number of people invest the more interest rates and more good for world and investors. This works because we are blockchain for donation pooling and we receive interest on these donations, some part of the interest is given back to the investors and some part is donated to people who are actively going green. People can now go green and make some greens. By leveraging the power of Aave Protocol (a lending pool on ethereum blockchain), the users could get the Aave tokens and contribute to the organization (us) through cryptocurrency, which disperses those collected funds to people requesting for it.

How we built it

We built a web app which has three main dashboards: user dashboard, admin dashboard and investor dashboard. We have used MongoDB as our database which contains some basic information about transactions and complete information about trees. Along with this, we have integrated the Aave protocol, an ethereum-powered lending pool which allows users to invest their ERC20 tokens and earn interest on it. Our platform acts as a wrapper around Aave protocol, through which users could get their interest-bearing Aave tokens by depositing DAI tokens as funds. We utilized the Google Maps API for showing maps and the API for geocoding. By using the concept of blockchain pooling, we generate some interest on the amount invested in the pool, which we then utilize to reward the people who plant trees.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating Aave protocol for depositing and withdrawing from the lending pool and handling the transactions from our database side Google Maps API issue on the frontend Finding a UI framework that would facilitate the creation of the components we needed

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have built a win-win solution. Anyone who plants a tree will be rewarded with cryptocurrency, and the ones who donate money for nature will be able to see how their money is being used.

What we learned

Blockchain lending pool concept - Aave protocol MongoDB Google Maps API API

What's next for Grow More

Make the site responsive so that users can access and use it from mobile devices.

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