Earth’s population is increasing, but its land is not. We decided to create a gardening app to help anyone to create a sustainable farm in their very own home while supporting local farms.

What it does

If you are looking to escape from the daily stresses of life or are looking to become a master grower Grow Me is for you. With information about 400,000 plants you can grow virtually anything in your backyard! Grow Me can help you plan and track your garden efficiently and effectively with our virtual garden planner and receive daily reminders to water your plants.

How I built it

The front-end was built with HTML, CSS, React, and TypeScript. We used as an API for our project. We also used RxJs for asynchronous state management. The back-end was a combination of Firebase and Java + Spring.

Challenges I ran into

The first challenge we ran into was finding an API or library with the data we wanted. Even after we found a good API, we needed to set up an RxJs store so that data calls could be made effectively and asynchronously. Finally, it was a challenge to make the virtual garden portion of our project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We’re proud that we were able to fetch, display, filter and sort the data, and allow users to create a virtual garden. We're also proud that we are able to develop the front-end and the back-end.

What I learned

As a team, we learned how to use APIs to fetch data, and how to create a backend with Java and Spring. We also learned a lot about gardening and plants.

What's next for Grow Me

We would like to create a GrowMe community that will support and encourage new growers to turn their backyard into a mini farm. We’d also like to improve our database by adding more varieties and info of our plants. Ideally, we'd also like to generate the virtual garden from a satellite image, and calculate amount of sunlight, etc. using Machine Learning. We are also going to try to get an SSL certificate and make our website secure. We believe with more detailed data and more features our project can become a real company!

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