COVID 19 has impacted a lot of small and local businesses. We need to support our local businesses by shopping at local businesses such as small retails stores, family owned restaurants and other businesses.

What it does

Our app bridges the gap between customers and local businesses through an easy to use interface where customer registers their phone number with a business and receives rewards for every transaction at the business. Customer can redeem the reward points.

Our app helps customers manage reward points and can search for deals at small local businesses as well as get notifications when new deals are advertised.

Our app helps business owners view sales analytics of their inventory as well as recommendations of general deals to be created for their business as well as deals targeted at specific customers.

How I built it

Used flutter to create android, IOS and web application

Challenges I ran into

Thinking of what data can bring the most value needed a lot of brainstorming and design thinking

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Showing some of the proposed features in the application

What I learned

Learnt the challenges that local businesses are facing and how we can address it

What's next for Grow Local

Use blockchain to receive and redeem rewards in the form of tokens so that customers can have flexibility of spending tokens at any preferred store or business.

Use machine learning to analyse transactions data and provide trends and targeted deal recommendations.

Let users vote for the deals they would like to see so that businesses can use the feedback to offer deals.

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