Inspired by: Grace Hopper Celebration, Elemental Excelerator, and Clean Energy Leadership Institute (CELI)

I wanted to amplify resources for women and enbi students to get into green jobs confidently via college and work experiences. The focus is on New England connections and non-ivy league universities because my searches in the past would always promote bigger-name colleges. Pursuing marine biology and discovering clean energy pathways was complicated when I focused more on how expensive and competitive those big-name schools were.

What it does

Grow in Climate Tech: New England is made on Wix to utilize the time efficiency of a platform with database functionalities and limited code reliance so that dynamic content will be easier to sync and non-code experts like marketing/comm coordinators can maintain this platform.

A network for students and young professionals to find opportunities for climate activism, career in green technology, and socially responsible entrepreneurship. Whether they need to explore university programs, find work experience, or connect with like-minded people to find a place to belong in the industry, Grow in Climate Tech is a great place to start.

How we built it

Designed on Figma, Developed on Wix

Challenges we ran into

Lack of time to develop web app during the weekend and no time for realistic user research beforehand (wanted to connect with university program coordinators to better understand the project viability)

  • there's a lack of free images that fit my project needs
  • Figuring out the business design aspect of the project where the project itself can be self-sustainable. > I didn't know how to integrate meetup/eventbrite events so this site wouldn't rely on manual database maintenance all the time. > How to measure impact and value? > How to pay mentors for their time but also develop a paid subscription or donation setup so people get paid for their time.

Accomplishments + Things learned

Getting the simple layout and organization focuses completed Trying out Velo and learning how to adjust to their JS editor

What's next for Grow in Climate Tech: New England

Look into how university programs, fellowships, and other related programs get connected. Would really love to do research on how often people find resources and choose environmental action/impact work. Is it based on connections, their university, or their town?

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