Our group had heard of / read about greenhouse automation before but it always seemed relativity distant from most people. For small indoor sun rooms, and medium scale personal greenhouses times and the like, existing solutions seemed relativity distant from the consumer base. That neglected market became our target user base and our solution grew around that markets needs after we decided to go with the project as our hack. Most large scale solutions are meant to be implemented in greenhouse by the selling company. For a low cost automation solution, something simple enough for an average gardener was needed, from setup to running. So, in that vein, we set out with the aim to bring it as close to out of the box full use and simplistic setup as we possibly could. It was decided that a key part of this would be a simple web app, mobile friendly, interface that allowed users to use preset and user set models to tailor the cubes automatic maintenance to the plants specific needs. This primarily involved light management and soil moisture management. Specifically light management involved using light sensors to adjust artificial light to keep plants in constant optimal light, while soil moisture management involves wetting and drying the soil to both maximize the efficient use of the water reservoir at the core of the system and allowing the soil some dry time to allow the roots of the plant to process oxygen properly.

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