1. Start a challenge with friends (like working out three days a week)
  2. Everyone pools in money
  3. If you complete all the tasks, you get your money back, other wise you lose 10% to your favorite charity

We all have the impulse of improving our habits however following through is hard. So, we decided to change this. We combine social pressure and monetary debt to pull you to the end of the finish line. We are proud to present you Grow. Whenever you want to change something in your life, you create a new challenge in the app, invite your friends. A challenge can be anything ranging from eating healthy to working out or even cooking every meal at home. Every member pools in the same amount of money. You lay down tasks for the group. Once you complete the task, you prove yourself with a photo and the location. If everyone finishes all the task, everyone gets their initial pool amount. If anyone misses, they lose 10% to their favorite charity.

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