Your social health is one of the most important factors for determining your mental health and your overall well being. []. One way people make friends is by working in groups via their coursework. However, as we’ve seen from COVID, it’s increasingly difficult to find people who might work well together over Zoom.

Additionally, groupwork can be a major source of stress. Have you ever:

  • been in a group where you carried the team?
  • been in a group where the team carried you?
  • had a bunch of people with the same exact skillset but not the skills you needed?
    All of this can be very stressful.

What it does

It makes finding study buddies, forming group projects, and finding co-founders less awkward, especially during these COVID times where it's hard to talk to people remotely over Zoom.

For our minimum viable product: 1) starts asking you to make an account (username, password, ) 2) ask for a profile picture 3) short bio 4) choose school, major, classes 5) criteria: hours per week of studying 6) matching algorithm, which connects people 7) swipe right/swipe left 8) chat function 9) can form groups with the people you match with

How we built it

Wireframe in Balsamiq
App in Firebase and Android Studio
Git for file management

Challenges we ran into

Learning to use Android Studio

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Log-In functionality

What we learned

Wireframing Android Studio Firebase

What's next for GroupWork

Not so MVP:

  • Can remove or add additional questions to select for. I.e. can remove "hours per week if studying" and can add from list of questions "method of studying - active recall"
  • Undo function
  • Discord/Slack integration
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