None of us had groups when we went to the hackathon, so we tried to find people using the group formation, but it was slow and no one had any ideas. So we decided to make Grouptify to help hackthoners find groups.

What it does is a web app that makes finding hackathon groups effective and easier. Takes in your Github username and finds what programming languages you know. The idea is that people that are anti social and wanting a group can get a group.

Individual Input your Github username -> auto enters what languages you know based on projects + suggest what frameworks you already know -> picks projects for you to swipe yes or no based on data

How I built it

HTML5 web app on Ionic. Backend with Mongodb and node.js. Chat using Moxtra javascript API.

Challenges I ran into

1) Moxtra not resizing in iframe in Ionic 2.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1) Worked well together as a group

What I learned

1) Learned Ionic Framework 2) Integrated Moxtra

What's next for Grouptify

1) Integrate responsive Moxtra with Cordova

Built With

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