Team formation has always been necessary for a variety of events such as hackathons, group projects, case competitions, athletics, and much more. It can be difficult to sometimes find a partner or form a group and there is no central platform to do so.

groupr creates a fun experience for users to create and manage their teams, join new events, and meet new people.

What it does

groupr is a team formation app that uses list-based matching to enable users to find individuals or join a group. Users can either start by creating an event or by entering an invite code provided by the organizer to join the group.

By listing individual skills and interests, it opens a team-making service where users can find groups and individuals to collaborate with during events. Users of this product can range from individuals in school, hackathons, or anything that needs the formation of a group or team to operate.

How we built it

  • Frontend: React/Redux, Chakra UI
  • Backend: Node, Firebase
  • Branding, design and UI: Figma ​​- Pitch video: Adobe Premiere

Challenges we ran into

  • Building an interface with many different elements and functions given the time constraint
  • Trying to find a scope for a project idea
  • Connecting the front end to the backend

Accomplishments that we're proud of

​​We're really proud of creating a fully functioning MVP in the span of < 24 hours! Most of the moving parts came together to form a working proof of concept.

  • Complete Design Spec, branding, and theming
  • Multiple pages filled with feature rich group management tools, informative micro-interactions, and complex team search functions
  • Generate a unique code to share to event participants
  • Join specific event via unique code and have access to find new team members
  • Easy to use team member search pages to find your next teammate
  • Scout individuals who don’t have a team or group yet and invite them
  • Look at teams that aren’t full yet and request to join

What we learned

  • Don’t underestimate (hackathon) projects, nor our capabilities to tackle these projects
  • Never enough time in hackathons
  • Stay hydrated and remember to stretch to prevent early-onset back pain
  • Hackathons are hard

What's next for groupr

  • Fleshing out a chat feature to reduce the need to go to external links to communicate
  • Implementation of stretch goal features involving more complex group configuration settings
  • Bug bash

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