One of our group members actually came up with the idea based on some experiences he had in his mechanical engineering classes. More generally, so many classes in college involve group projects between groups of 2 to 5 people and can often last for weeks on end. When students choose groups, they are either given randomly selected groups or create groups with their friends.

What it does

Our app, "Groupr", solves this issue by cross referencing questionairs that the projessor gives out to the students, running an advanced matching algorithm that takes into account schedule, preferences, and personality, and finally providing optimal groups that will ensure happy and effective collaborative experiences.

How we built it

We built our front-end application using expo and react-native. These tools allowed us to quickly develop a cross-platform app. We built our website using barebones html, css and javascript with some quick templating. Our back end was built using django and django rest framework. We developed a restful API to handle oauth2 social authentication, form management, and our proprietary matching algorithm.

Challenges we ran into

React-native was a rather difficult framework to control. The framework is not very beginner friendly, and a good amount of our time and effort went to learning how to properly utilize it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The back-end turned out pretty dope. The website was Ari's first hackathon project and also turned out looking amazingly professional.

What we learned

All of us came with a set of skills, and are leaving with twice those skills, maybe more. We learned how to work with react-native, expo, and django primarily, but also learned a lot about hacking and working as an efficient team.

What's next for Groupr


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