Easier Point Of Contact

Either when you want to contact a group of friends for a party, need your best friends to cope with, or require assistance getting back to your dorm, GroupMyContacts is the app for fast communication. Our inspiration comes from the need to contact people faster.

What it does

Sends Texts to Multiple People

First, user authentication is used to create personal accounts; this will establish a personal database on our Firebase. The interface will have three categories: drunk, danger, and lost. In the right bottom corner, the interface will let the users edit their contact list for the categories. Press submit to add the contact to the database. Press clear after selecting a list to clear all contacts of that list. Back to the main page, if you select one of the categories, you will be able to access the button, "Send Text." Send Text will send a text message via the user's phone, requesting assistance through the text app to the designated contacts.

How I built it

Using FireBase as Central Database

We were able to use FireBase as our central database where we store our contact information. We have three characteristics that make each instance unique: name, number, and category. Getters and setters were implemented for easy access. User authentication was also controlled at the side of the FireBase.

Android API for sending texts

We accessed the Android API to send a help text from the user's phone.

Challenges I ran into

Lack of Mobile Signal in the building

The lack of mobile signal prevented us from communicating between devices through text.

First Time Hackathoners + First time Android programming

Lack of experience gave us a very hard time in terms of syntax and layouts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to program an Android App

Our team was formed with 3 first-time hackers and an experienced hacker. However, it was our first time hacking with an Android. We are very proud that we were able to produce an app that we could use (not necessarily the most beautiful or convenient in the UI/UX but functional)

What I learned


I learned that even though it might be your first time hacking, but with determination, using available support, and a lot of energy drinks, you can make something useful and substantial. I also learned that the ideas that people may think that is "simple" isn't necessarily simple to code. But also, simple ideas can be the ideas that could catch on to the public. I was also able to confirm that if I am able to put my 100% into the idea, we can make it happen.


I learned how to make an android app with a group of coders - in particular, I learned how to use github.

Miao Zi

This is the first time I developed an Android app. I learned to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Besides, I also learned on how to decide when to build things from scratch or just use an existing API to achieve the same task.


This was my first hackathon and first time making an Android app, let alone an app itself. I've learn so much about coding and the creative and innovative nature that surrounds it. To be part of a group of builders has been such an amazing experience and has only encouraged me to attend more hackathons.

What's next for GroupMyContacts

For next steps, we first intend to make the UI/UX much more sleek and designed. We also also looking into implementing Google API for location tracking of the user and Uber API so the friend can call the Uber for the user. We are also looking into allowing the users to customize the lists and the message sent. We are also looking into making the editing option for the contact more flexible. Overall, we plan to make the app not only exclusive to emergency situations but as an easy way to send out group messages. We are also looking into implementing an app-to-app chat, allowing communication to be easier.

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