Sexual assault is a huge problem plaguing college campuses, with many instances occurring at parties. There are approximately 100,000 cases of sexual assault linked to binge drinking each year. We’ve all been in situations where we felt vulnerable after drinking and wished there was a way to get home without worrying constantly about our safety. Most college orientations suggest using the buddy system when you go out, but when you get to a party it’s really easy to lose your buddy or forget to check in with them. We also wished there was a tool to help us avoid hangovers. Therefore, we created Groupmom!

What it does

Groupmom acts like the mom of your friend group! Before going to a party, it asks the users where they are going, who they are going with, and what time they expect to be back home. Once the party begins, Groupmom checks in on the users every hour to make sure they are safe and having fun. If they are feeling uncomfortable, they have three options:

  1. Notify their buddy
    1. Order a lyft home
    2. Call Princeton security. BONUS: Groupmom also sends reminders to drink water every half hour!

How we built it

The prototyping and the overall design was generated with Photoshop. We used Bluemix for push notifications, buildup for setting up the UI, and Java + Android Studio for everything else. There is also Google Maps integrated, with the option to call and pull up the Lyft app when needed. The landing page is created with HTML, CSS & JavaScript (Bootstrap).

Challenges we ran into

We spent half of the hackathon trying to learn React Native until we realized that we most likely wouldn’t be able finish since none of us were familiar with it. Therefore, we opted for a regular Android app instead. Also, our teammate’s return flight was unexpectedly cancelled so we spent quite some time figuring that out.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We’re proud of creating a fun and easy to use tool to help solve an issue that is important to us. In addition, we had a great midnight stroll around Princeton!

What we learned

Don’t spend 24 hours learning React Native if you want a complete project- 6 hours in would have probably been a good time to switch over.

What's next for Groupmom

We’d like to make the app accessible to schools besides Princeton so users can just set their university in their profile, instead of only being able to call Princeton’s security. We’d also like to integrate a crime API so we could alert our users before they go somewhere with a high crime rate.

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