Inspiration: We wanted to know more information about our group chats, and use Machine Learning to find out who is flirting or potentially dating secretly in the group chat.

What it does: Analyzes the messages of the group chat using our algorithms to find things such as, people who are secretly dating, most talkative, most bullied, etc. We will explain how the algorithms work in the Demo

How we built it: Using algorithms we learned in class, w

Challenges we ran into: Data visualization was definitely a major obstacle; Transitions took super long to implement,

Accomplishments that we're proud of: This app works! We are proud of the algorithms we produced and the transitions in our chart. Transitions

What we learned: d3.js is hard to deal with. GroupMe APIs.

What's next for Groupmeme: Sell this the GroupMe and spike interest for people to use GroupMe

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