People know so little about solar, that they don't know how much it's "supposed" to cost. We want to make it easier for the consumer to feel confident that they are getting a good deal. This is also a great tool for lead-generation!

How it works

Users enter the email and address into the form on the homepage. When they submit, the backend geocodes and places their location on the map. There are 4 different color marks that are on the map, entered, contacted, committed, and installed.

Challenges I ran into

Time. Just ran out of time. We used some things that we'd never used before and got a bit bit by it in the end. Also, we are just here to learn and have fun, we don't really know anything about solar...!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Mapbox is super cool! So much better than last time I had to create most of the objects on leaflet.js myself. We also have a separate app for the javascript front-end and the rails backend API.

What I learned

After talking to some of the mentors that were walking around helping us, we realized just how complicated it is to buy solar panels..! No wonder there is such a need for more sites like this!

What's next for Grouplr

The auctions did not get built out. There are so many possibilities in how an installer can finance and charge for PVs. We need to figure out the best approach to displaying these options to the consumer. We also want to trigger emails to notify the users about the progress, etc.

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