The three of us are all students in large classes, which made us realize that it can be difficult to meet new people and find study partners. Although there are many class communities online on platforms such as Reddit and Discord, sometimes it can be tough to get ahold of the website or server link.

What it does

GroupIt is an interface with the opportunity to post links to these online class communities. Users can browse through a library of links to communities based on the class they are looking for. If they want to save a link for later, it'll be added to their personal collection.

How we built it

GroupIt was developed with SFML and C++.

Challenges we ran into

While coding, we had occasional mysterious crashes that were probably due to classes not being modular enough. Also, decomposing the end product we had in mind into independent chunks was harder than we anticipated. For the design, the aesthetic aspect took a bit of thought.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're glad that we were able to work together under a time constraint and reach our goal that we had in mind.

What we learned

We really saw the importance of having a plan before the code was written. In addition, we gained experience with SFML and furthered our understanding of program design and development. We also learned to prioritize which features we wanted to implement and not be afraid to ask for help if we needed it. This was the first hackathon for everyone on the team and we definitely learned tons.

What's next for GroupIt

Looking forward, we would like to be able to implement web sockets to allow for the program to communicate with a server and allow multiple users to interact on the app. We would also like to be able to bring chat features to the app itself rather than solely redirecting users to another platform.

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