It's not easy to run a community. It involves too much work to keep members connected and found what they look for. Most of time, it requires lots repeated labors to make introductions to members who have similar interests. As we are running our Taiwanese community, we found this problem can be solved with automated scripts that may save lots time for the community moderator, as well as getting members to meet new friends.

GroupIntro is a tool for matching community members by their emails and online presences. We use FullContact to retrieve members' contextual information and apply machine learning techniques to find potential matches. Moderators can have an easier way of looking at pre-selected matches to decide if they are really good matches. GroupIntro can be very useful right before a community event where members are meeting each other with extra information of who they should meet.

We plan to charge $1 per member for communities and free for community with fewer than 10 members. We expect community moderators (or admins) would use this tool right before their events. Typical cost of an event is about $20 in the Bay Area, this is about .5% of an event cost.

Future plan includes integration with email campaign tools and gradually become a community portal.

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