We thought that the social network have to be closer to the real life. And we hoped to find the new friends who have the same interests(or hobby) and live nearby.

What it does

Grouping! makes the group in real life with the Interest & location. It's nice because Grouping! is based on real human contact. You can find new friends from near places by using the Grouping!

How I built it

  1. Mill Shin - Meteor, Back-end
  2. Ahn Hyun - Meteor, Front-end
  3. Jennifer - Meteor, Front-end

Challenges I ran into

  1. Semantic-UI (We've never used it before)
  2. Design

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Many verbose code
  2. No sleep for 24 hours.

What I learned

  1. Mini Mongo & MongoDB
  2. Semantic-UI
  3. Meteor

What's next for grouping

  1. Add Geo search by using the Geolocation Package && MongoDB.
  2. Group sorting from the Categories.
  3. Add more secure validations.

Meteor Packages we used

accounts-facebook 1.0.6 Login service for Facebook accounts accounts-google 1.0.6 Login service for Google accounts accounts-password 1.1.3 Password support for accounts blaze-html-templates 1.0.1 Compile HTML templates into reactive UI with Meteor Blaze check 1.0.6 Check whether a value matches a pattern dburles:google-maps 1.1.5 Google Maps Javascript API v3 ecmascript 0.1.5 Compiler plugin that supports ES2015+ in all .js files edgee:slingshot 0.7.1 Directly post files to cloud storage services, such as AWS-S3. es5-shim 4.1.13 Shims and polyfills to improve ECMAScript 5 support flemay:less-autoprefixer 1.1.0 The dynamic stylesheet language + Autoprefixer fortawesome:fontawesome 4.4.0 Font Awesome (official): 500+ scalable vector icons, customizable via CSS, Retina friendly fourseven:scss 3.2.0* Style with attitude. Sass and SCSS support for Meteor.js (with autoprefixer and sourcemaps). iandouglas:accounts-ui-semantic-ui 1.2.2 Semantic UI styled accounts-ui jparker:gravatar 0.4.1 Simple package to use gravatar images jquery 1.11.4 Manipulate the DOM using CSS selectors juliancwirko:s-alert 3.1.1 Simple and fancy notifications / alerts / errors for Meteor juliancwirko:s-alert-slide 3.1.0 Slide effect for s-alert - simple and fancy notifications / alerts for Meteor. kadira:blaze-layout 2.1.0 Layout Manager for Blaze (works well with FlowRouter) kadira:flow-router 2.7.0 Carefully Designed Client Side Router for Meteor mdg:geolocation 1.1.0 Provides reactive geolocation on desktop and mobile. meteor-base 1.0.1 Packages that every Meteor app needs meteorhacks:fast-render 2.10.0 Render your app before the DDP connection even comes alive - magic? mobile-experience 1.0.1 Packages for a great mobile user experience momentjs:moment 2.10.6 Moment.js (official): parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates - official Meteor packaging mongo 1.1.2 Adaptor for using MongoDB and Minimongo over DDP natestrauser:animate-css 3.4.0 Animate.css packaged for meteor random 1.0.4 Random number generator and utilities reactive-var 1.0.6 Reactive variable sacha:spin 2.3.1 Simple spinner package for Meteor semantic:ui 2.1.4_5 Official Semantic UI Integration for Meteor session 1.1.1 Session variable spectrum:accounts-naver 0.0.1 Login service for Naver standard-minifiers 1.0.1 Standard minifiers used with Meteor apps by default. tracker 1.0.9 Dependency tracker to allow reactive callbacks

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