Code: https://github.com/140proof/groupify

Screencast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQAMQdKdPJI

Play: http://groupify.140proof.com/api/v1/auth

Key Features:

  • Securely authenticate using OAuth and GitHub
  • Remotely control an office stereo over the web from anywhere
  • Listen to almost any song in the Spotify database
  • See what songs will play next, and when
  • Vote for songs
  • See who played what song
  • Mock the bad taste of your team

Back Story: Our team has drastically different tastes in music and constantly debates which song to play on the office stereo. By creating a web-based, Go-powered social jukebox, now we can argue about the horrible taste of our coworkers at high scale! This is a distributed application with 3 core components:

  • Angular.js single-page UI app
  • Go + applescript "remote" that puppets the Spotify binary
  • Go API endpoint that manages the shared queue and brokers connections between clients

Inspiration: We were inspired by the fun and simplicity of Go, the ease of use of the Spotify API, and a desire to make fun of each others' musical preferences.

Target user: anyone who works in teams and has ears.

Github users: jm3, mhfs, jonhatalla, ahamidi

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