The way our application work is extremely simple and straightforward. You open the link, input the phone numbers or email address of everyone involved, and their respective money contribution. That's it. There is an option to save the current form with your own unique URL attached to it, so you can send it to the rest of your friends so they can add their contributions. When the form is complete, simply press the Finalize button, and each member in the form will get a message from us detailing who they should split the cost with through Venmo.

It literally is a simple two-step process.

Imagine going on a road trip in Utah with a few of your buddies. Gone are the days where each and every one of you keep track of how much you each spent individually just so you can do the gruesome math later on how to split the final cost. Whenever someone spends money for the group, simply input the amount each person contributed in the form, save it, and forget about it. By the end of the trip, simply finalize the form, pay each other back with Venmo, and everyone is happy.

We came across many versions before we settled on this one. We initially thought about creating a user backend, but realized that login/signups weren't necessary particularly because we could achieve a much simpler form this way. We at first attempted to use group MMS to split payments but realized that Twilio could not differentiate among other numbers in a MMS. After playing around with a few new ideas, we came up with a new model.

We settled on this non-signup way of requesting money effectively. People no longer have to worry about doing math to split unequal costs as our backend does the work and even sends Venmo URLs for the person to pay via email or text. Our application can be used in a myriad of ways: splitting checks, going on group roadtrips, loan requests, splitting the cost of a party, charging your housemates for rent.

We used Parse, SendGrid, Twilio,Venmo and Heroku to achieve this project.

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