Have you ever had someone coming over, then had no clue when they actually arrived? Anand's brother Arvind did! It's 2016, why can't we see friends and peers arriving just like we see Uber arriving?

What it does

Text our Twilio short code for our example event, you're enrolled! Your phone number will be kept in absolute privacy and forgotten after the event. You'll receive a link back that lets you install our app or open it if you have it already. The app lets you watch other participants arrive live, and finds the best meeting location for everyone based on where they are coming from.

How we built it

HERE Maps handles location display and routing. An open source project called OwnTracks handles private location sharing.

Challenges we ran into

It took a lot of work combining the sample code for HERE Maps and OwnTracks, they each have a lot of libraries and API keys and licenses.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Group Glimpse . CLUB solves a real problem we had and makes group conference attending and so much else progress much smoother!

What we learned

We're aces at integrating HERE Maps now!

What's next for GroupGlimpse.CLUB

Right now there is just an Android app, but iOS app's support opening from a URL as well!

Built With

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